TOK Essay: How to Plan, to Structure and to Write It Properly

TOK essays are special. Their topics are special. Their organization is special. Well, let`s be open: when we are talking about a TOK essay, we are rather talking about almost a scientific paper rather than a standard one. Make it properly isn’t going to be as easy as ABC. Be ready to spend a lot of time and efforts to craft outstanding quality work.

We have developed a short tok essay guide to give you a helping hand when creating a paper that is really worth attention and A+. If following the guide carefully, the paper success is guaranteed!

TOK Essay Format Should Be Kept

Writing a tok essay is not a piece of cake. That is due to the fact that there is a specific format for you to stick to. First of all, find a proper topic, decide, which areas cause the greatest interest in you. Keep in mind that the reader will feel if the writer isn’t interested in the topic himself/herself. Moreover, the entire writing process will turn into a difficult task if you aren’t passionate about the theme.

After that, write the text. Make sure you organize it around the knowledge question. It is not needed that you deal with some evident scientific issue. The proper organization is what really matters, not the topic clearness.

How to Write a TOK Essay Properly: Step-by-Step Instruction

Now, it is time to move to the writing process. As we have already mentioned, writing a tok essay can be challenging if you don’t have a clear idea about its structure. That’s why let`s discuss the structure and all moments more properly.

How to Structure a TOK Essay Correctly

First of all, the tok essay structure doesn’t differ too much from the structure of any other kind of paper. However, there are some details which you should consider. So, here are some tips on how to structure a tok essay:

  • You start with the introduction, or rather the topic explanation;
  • Then, the argument follows, don’t forget to add justification;
  • After that, you go on with the counter-claim, with justification, as well;
  • Finally, you sum up everything in conclusion.

Tok essay introduction has the same purpose as an introduction to any other essay: you make your reader interested in the topic. But here, in addition to the main target, you have to explain the topic, the knowledge field.

Tok essay body, is, however, different. The structure differs, as well as the content. You don’t just give your ideas and opinions. You provide arguments and counter-claims, and they should be scientifically justified. It might take some time to study all needed materials, but for a proper essay, you have to make an effort.

Tok essay conclusion is for summing up all that you have written in your paper. So, the conclusion is the same, as in any other kind of assignment. And that’s it. The writing process is over.

TOK Essay Word Limit: Does It Exist?

Come on, what word limit? The main thing is that you discuss the topic properly, with all arguments, counter-claims and all conclusions that you need to write there. You tok essay word limit might be established by your teacher or your college, but other than that, you are free to write as much as you need.

TOK Essay Format Should Be Like This

As you have already seen, the tok essay format is basically the same as the format of any other essay. There are slight differences, and the content might be much more complicated. However, if you prepare yourself properly, this should not be a problem.

TOK Essay Outline: What You Should Pay Attention to

The tok essay outline follows usual rules and consists of an introduction part, the main part and a conclusion. However, in the introduction part, you present the topic that you are going to discuss later, and the topic should be from a scientific field. The same rule applies to the main part and a conclusion. The main idea of the tok essay is to present some scientific idea and to give arguments and the counter-claims with their justifications.

The Best TOK Essay Topics

Sometimes, the most difficult part for a student is to select a proper topic. So, first of all, you should have an idea about what you are going to write. The topic should be interesting for you. And the topic should be up-to-date. Here are some examples of tok essay topics that could be a good option for such an essay:

  • Knowledge, forecasting, and prediction.
  • True and false: is there an absolute distinction?
  • Pieces of evidence and their support of beliefs in some knowledge areas.
  • Knowledge methodologies and content and their influence on the knowledge definition.
  • Doubt and knowledge, the importance of doubt for knowledge development.

If you asked about the main tok essay prompts, they would be like the prompts for any other essay. Just follow each step given in our guide, make sure you proofread your paper and double-check if you have followed all the guidelines that your teacher has given you.


A tok essay isn’t so difficult to write as many students think. The main idea is, as usual, that you prepare all materials properly and write about something that is really important to you. Other than that, just follow the simple guidelines, and that’s it.