Police Brutality Essay: the Issue Exists

So, you have a very contradictory topic for your writing assignment. Police brutality is something that people like to discuss but as well something that is very contradictory. From one side, those people, the police, are here to protect citizens from different kind of troubles.

How should they protect people if they aren’t allowed to use force? From another side, there are many cases when the policemen misuse their rights. Recently, there have been cases when the police were acting as racists, which is already not acceptable.

Now, you have to write about it. In your police brutality and racism essay, you have to deal with very complicated and complex issues. However, you are to do it in a very polite, rather political way. How to write a proper argumentative essay on police brutality? Actually, you should write it in a way you would write any other assignment.

Police Brutality Argumentative Essay: Processing Guidelines

As in the case of any other essay, first of all, determine the topic, about which you want to create your paper. Is it going to be something controversial? Maybe you know some cases from real life on which you would base your paper.

After you have decided about the topic, move to the next stage: search for materials, statistical data, and so on. If you have access to some archives, it is perfect. If not, then, maybe you can share with the reader some life stories. Well, stories from your life will be a better choice, they will touch the reader more.

Save statistical data, if you are going to use it. Write down some interesting expressions and opinions because you might need them later for your essay. Save all the information that is interesting.

Essay on Police Brutality: Structure and Writing Process

Now, it is time to move to the writing process. After you have selected information that you are going to use, you need to develop a detailed plan. Make nice transitions from one idea to another, from one evidence to another. Make sure all ideas are interconnected.

Regarding the essay on police brutality, structure of the essay is rather standard.

  • You start with an introduction, where you give your reader an idea about the topic and your vision of the problem;
  • Then, you give your proofs in the main part;
  • And, finally, you sum up everything in the conclusion.

Police Brutality Essay: Introduction Is to Hook Your Reader

The police brutality essay introduction has the same target as an introduction to any other essay. The main target is to hook your reader, to make him not only see the problem but to get engaged in it. With this topic, it is not complicated. People have a very controversial attitude to police, and everybody has some experience with them.

If you have a story from life, give the start from it. Make your reader get worried and interested in the further story development. Just make sure your story has some real connection with the police and mistreating people or racism issues.

Police Brutality Essay Body: Develop Your Topic

In the police brutality essay body, you develop your ideas and opinions. Just give here your ideas, tell your reader what you think considering the situation that you have introduced. Give evidence, statistical data, if any.

In general, try to prove your opinions and attitudes by facts. Even if you don’t make your reader change his opinion, don’t worry. That is not included in the essay tasks. It is enough if you make your opinion clear and explain why it is like this.

Police Brutality Essay Conclusion Is to Sum Everything up

In the police brutality essay conclusion, you give the summary of what you have already written. What is the problem? What are your ideas and how can you prove them? Are there any facts and evidence to prove your position? And, finally, why should the reader consider your position?

Once more, the reader might agree or disagree with your position. The main idea is to declare what you think and explain why you think this way. And that’s it. Once you have done it, the essay task is completed.

Police Brutality Essay Outline Is a Standard One

So, you can see now that there is nothing special or unusual in the police brutality essay outline. It is like any other outline of any other essay. Just the content differs. So, now, when you have a clear idea about how to write such kind of essay, it is time to start writing.


Any essay is easy to write if you follow a standard pattern and don’t underestemate your task. Prepare materials in advance, select a topic that you like and write your paper as you feel. Then, don’t forget to proofread it. And, finally, submit.