Cookie Policy

General info about cookies

To put it simply, cookies are data files which are kept on your personal computer, mobile phone and other devices with internet access. Whenever you use your browser, they store certain information regarding your activity in the global network.

We need these information files enhance various elements of our site and change it according to your requirements. For example, you can be kept logged in for a certain period of time and navigate the website easier.

It’s completely up to you how to deal with cookies. You can easily delete them when you do not want us to conduct any operations with them. However, if you disable cookies, our website might malfunction on your laptop or computer.

What kinds of cookies are used?

We have the session and permanent types of cookies used. Session cookies exist only while your internet browser is being used. Session cookies are stored if only your internet browser works, and their main function is checking your previous Web activity. The persistent or permanent cookies are generally stored despite you close the browser.

Why we require these files

The order form on our site can't function correctly without cookies. Should you disabled these files, you wouldn’t have the ability to place an order for our services. Cookies also enable next features:

  • remembering the order process
  • maintaining you logged in
  • seeing the data on the frequency of using our program for plagiarism checking
  • helping each client via live chat
  • tracking customer’s activity working with Google Analytics

About third parties

No, these files are used only for receiving payments for our assistance from the customer. In this case, personal data won't be sent to anybody who doesn't participate in the ordering process (pacing, writing, delivering etc.).

About cookies managing

Cookies deletion is often the main cause of incorrect functionality of the site, which can ruin your browsing experience. If you still wish to disable them, it can be done via web browser controls. Complete instruction is in the help section of your internet browser.