You might want to read this section to learn more about how we manage the client's personal information.

Webpage visitor information

Entering a website involves revealing specific information such as the version of your Internet browsing software or your operating system. No third-party organizations have access to this information. It is utilized for our internal purposes only and serves for boosting the site’s quality level and making the interface more user-friendly.

Browser Cookies

Our company uses Google Analytics for marketing analysis of customers’ behavior by making use of the web cookies. They enable us to gather information about client's Internet browser activity. These files do not comprise any personal data. Google converts all the cookie data we send into website activity reports.

Personal information

If you wish to make an order here it'll require you to provide us with your contact details and billing information. Absolute confidentiality of your information is guaranteed. We only use it for purposes related to the order process. We by no means share this information with any third parties; we use the customer's email address for communication like sending notifications of their order progress etc. Telephone numbers are needed in order to get in touch with you in rare emergency situations such as instruction clarifications, damaged files, and other instances of this kind.

Links to Other Web-sites

When we host some links to the web-sites of other organizations on our site, keep in mind that we aren't responsible for any content or matters associated with those web-sites. Consumer needs are constantly changing, so we try to routinely modify our privacy policy section. Please remember to go to the Privacy Policy section to see if any kind of improvements were made.