Social Media Essay — Write an Original Paper

Social media, their importance, and influence is one of the most popular topics for modern schoolers and students. They can write a fascinating essay about social media with own reasoning, statistical data, interesting facts, research.

According to a Pew report on Social Media Use (2018), among Americans at the age of 18 – 29 nearly 88 % use social media! The statistics for other groups look like this:

  • Adult people, parents of school children 30 – 49 years old: 78%.
  • People at a respectful age, parents of students 50 – 64 years old: 64%.
  • Pensioners 65 and older: 37%.

And such statistics gives us an opportunity to answer the question: «What is social media essay?». It’s a text written in the freestyle, reflecting all our reality nowadays. The author can write about everything regarding the effect on the society, adults, and teenagers, on commerce, communications.

The most exploited media in America are Facebook and its Messenger, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, chats WhatsApp and Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Kik, Skype software, Discord, and Periscope.

Essay on Social Media: Sundry Variants and Purposes

This list includes different in structure services, and each definitely is able to become a separate topic for the essay. If you know a lot of things about one social media web and have something to say about it, this is an actual, interesting and simple topic for the essay on social media. Also, the work can express some general thoughts about social media and their types.

It is important for the author to choose which way to express his thoughts. It should be a style that is close to him in spirit: manipulation of statistical and scientific data, satire, philosophical reflections, own research work, analysis of various data on the topic, forecasts for our nearest future.

Argumentative Essay on Social Media

Notwithstanding that social networks are widely present in our life, and it is irreversible, there are always controversies around them. These may be the next discussion subjects for the essay:

  • Is it good for teenagers to exploit social media?
  • Social media and its impact on the distribution of terrorism.
  • How much time of real life do the virtual world and chat take away?
  • How social and mass media affect family mood and relationships?
  • Our life changed for the better with the advent of social and other media?

It is worth noting that such topics for the argumentative essay on social media are so popular because of the uncountable number of opinions. Nobody can unequivocally and reliably answer the main questions upon the significance and influence of social Internet sites. Each opinion has true arguments. It is not good to be extremely conservative in your texts. It should look like a personal opinion that does not claim to be 100% correct.

What Are the Cause and Effect of Social Media Essay

The author should really be interested in this topic. Work on it can push toward significant thoughts, give fresh knowledge during the process of finding data. The basic thing that should be noted regarding the cause and effect of social media essay is as follows: it should be a new text, which will not be mixed with the same ones. If you are sure that the reader is getting a significant benefit from reading and spending time on it, then everything worked out! If not, then your work on the essay continues.

How to Prepare Persuasive Essay About Social Media

Рrofessional and convincing text should include some of the following elements:

  • сitations
  • stats
  • screenshots
  • charts
  • research references
  • terminology
  • briefcases
  • other important and indisputable information

Demanding readers like interesting figures, authoritative imaginations, informative statistics, rare data. Use them to make a persuasive essay about social media and get high praise from every reader.

Correct Satire Essay on Social Media

Humor is always an advantageous presentation of any material. All people like to feel positive emotions. The essay should not look like snobbery. Let it be something satirical, but not insulting. The satire essay on social media can portray some moments, familiar to all of us. For example, the following topics:

  1. How I taught my grandmother to use Facebook.
  2. My parents/relatives/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend is/are watching me, what should I do?
  3. Me and my unrealistic «I am» in social and mass media.
  4. How people lie in their profiles to themselves, as well as to the society.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media Essay

    Let the reader become your accomplice and friend, not an enemy or a debater. Let the text be written in a high-quality and informative manner because there may be positive and negative effects of social media essay. You can blindly defend a personal opinion, but then read many negative comments and understand that it was not worth it. Be careful with the choice of the theme and the presentation of the material.

    How to Write a Social Media Essay: Basic Recommendations

    Essays is a literary work in a freestyle of writing. But nevertheless, there is a certain structure, which should be adhered to. Learn how to write a social media essay in the correct structure:

    Social Media Essay Introduction

    Intrigue the reader, cause the desire to read till the end. Give the main theses about what will be presented at work. In social media essay introduction, you can use questions, loud statements, shocking data, humor.

    Social Media Essay Body

    There are no special restrictions regarding the text size. But it should be divided into relevant paragraphs and contain sub-headings. Write all that you believe is necessary, and only at the end of your work at the social media essay body remove everything that seemed to you like unnecessary.

    Social Media Essay Conclusion

    At the very end obligatorily should be your social media essay conclusion. Make a completed idea, write down to what basic thought you came. Ask the reader a question and invite to the dialogue in the comments.

    Social Media Essay Topics

    Let this list of ideas inspire you:

    1. Social and mass media in different countries
    2. My favorite mass media is not popular. In vain!
    3. How advertising works and in what ways our tastes are being watched.
    4. Social networks as a profession.
    5. Social media in advertising.

    In advance, write down three social media essay topics, and after a while, you will understand, which one you want to write.

    Social Media Essay Outline is Important!

    A good plan is important for any written work. That may seem like a waste of time. But in fact, the social media essay outline will significantly reduce the time, and thoughts will come to the author more systematically. Good luck and a good start!