Gender Roles Essay and How to Prepare It

Gender roles essay is a type of written assignment that focuses on the place of men and women in the society, their responsibilities, and statuses, etc. Such an essay usually describes the roles and responsibilities of men and women under the certain condition. The most popular are:

  • How it is described in a book/poem, etc.;
  • how it was in the certain period;
  • how it is settled under any act, law or another set of rules.

As every essay, it should contain a statement, your position about this statement, your argumentation that proves the position you have chosen and a summary, or conclusion. The essay about gender roles should correspond to such conditions as gender roles of men and women and how they have changed during the history. That is why to write an appropriate and justified essay you need to have a source for analysis. For example, you may compare the gender roles in the times of primitive society and the Medieval. You will see that the role of women has changed a lot.

In the primitive society, there was a matriarchal social system as a house was the housekeeping was the most important part of life. And exactly women were taking care of the housekeeping. Moreover, a number of women were less than a number of men that is why polyandry was a common fact. But during the years men have taken a dominant place in the society as they extracted food, waged wars, and their number began to decrease extremely.

That is a short example of the possible condition of the gender roles essay. It relates to gender roles in the certain periods of time. Below is an example of the gender roles essay that is based on the poem. A good example of a gender roles argumentative essay could be an essay based on a worldwide classic, Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Gender Roles in Macbeth Essay: What to Write About?

Gender Roles in Macbeth Essay are interesting because they are not typical. In his play, Shakespeare has created two main gender roles: Lord Macbeth as a main male role and Lady Macbeth as a key female role. But the author has created non-typical characters of man and women for the times described in the play (the XI century).

In the beginning, Lord Macbeth appears as a brave and successful warrior. But at the same time, he is described as a very indecisive person, who always doubt about important decisions. It is hard for him to decide to kill King Duncan as he is not sure if it is a right decision and if he will be able to kill the King.

In opposite, Lady Macbeth is described as a strong-willed person. She will not stop at anything to achieve the goal. Since her husband won an important battle, she sees potential in it for empowering. In fact, she forces him to kill the King. Moreover, she creates a plan of murder on her own and Macbeth kills the King, and she destroys the evidence by herself. Lady Macbeth gender roles essay is a perfect example of work about the main gender role of a woman.

As a symbol of such a discrepancy of the gender roles, Shakespeare shows us that women wear the trousers, while the men wear the dresses. This plot line is going through the whole play. Such an example perfectly correlates with Scotland as that has some similar national cloth traditions. But still, women in Macbeth are shown as powerful and strong characters while men are described as a little bit flabby and hesitant persons. That is why Macbeth is recognized as one of the best grounds for the essay on gender roles.

Gender Essay Topics for Refined Papers

One of the biggest problems for students is to find a topic which will be interesting to write about. Sometimes, a process of searching for the topic takes more time than a process of writing an essay. That is why we decided to give some examples of gender roles argumentative essay topics which seem to be the most interesting among other. They are the next:

  1. Gender role development: why is it important?
  2. Family, marriage and gender roles: how do all they relate to each other?
  3. Gender roles in movies: what is a tendency?
  4. Gender stereotypes: rather good or bad fact?
  5. Feminism: a movement for a changing of woman`s gender role or mainstream?

You can use any of the provided topics to handle your own research and find out your own opinion about any of these situations.


Gender roles essay seems to be one of the most complicated and volume types of the argumentative essay. It is very important to handle really huge research and analysis to answer any of the gender roles essay topics. Always keep in mind that gender-related issues are social loaded ones. That is why try to be as much objective and impartial as possible to avoid a critique and make a high-quality work.